Friday, April 07, 2006

New Horizons

So I deleted months worth of posts.History. Maybe a good thing,maybe a bad thing.It's done now. I've been sluggish with blogging lately. The botched template had something to do with it I know.My best foot was not forward. I really like having this template again.It feels like my right skin has returned. Something about the tidy little boxes this template uses for each post sits well with me.(Does this say something about my personality???) So I hope to renew blogging with vigor.I don't know about the rest of you but it gives me some accountability for my day and helps me keep track and sort out the impressions,thoughts and feelings that go through my head. There are New Horizons opening up for our family in the near future from what we know at the moment.When I started this blog(the deleted one) it was a time of great limbo for our family.A lot has happened in the last few weeks that have showed us direction and given us the necessary ingredients for more stability and planning ahead. While I doubt we'll be buying a Longterm Home just yet, we have a much better ability to plan and plot.
In all our planning and plotting I hope and pray we will be open to God's leading and allow His plans to be Our Plans.I feel His voice whispering about all the needs around me and I hope I can reach out to the people He puts in my path.
Hopefully soon I can post some interesting specifics on all these mysterious plots!! I think it involves a house with real walls and doors and a Real floor. More next week,Lord willing.
Today my ankle suddenly went out of commission and my ongoing fight with a new stomach flu battle put me in bed.Letting my sister look after the small people and just relaxing was most likely the best thing that could have happened to me even though initially I felt otherwise.
I have been rather obsessed with reading the archives over in The Common Room and keep printing off useful info.I hope it will still be up when I need to direct my sons to suitable news items.It's a great service to those of us who also read the news with care.
The boys have found a set of old story collection books on the bookshelves and so we've been reading lots of oldies but goodies.And we discuss and discuss the stories after.I'd like to get Jess maps since I see him retaining geography names more and more.I found a copy of the catalog Tobin's Lab while rummaging through the free boxes last Saturday and it has the most scrumptious science stuff I think we may have to put an order in for some science song tapes. But mostly we will read and do hands on stuff like mixing up biscuit dough and creating fanciful shapes out of them and watering our pet plants. They will interact as I make Bible verse posters,help me scrub their dirty clothes, and sweep up the crumbs after we eat.This is what we all enjoy. We make egg carton caterpillars and build cars with magnet blocks and enjoy each others company. It's a wonderful way to live.
Hasta luego! Marcella


At 8:48 PM, Blogger Lynette said...

It sound like new horizons fit you well. You're all skippy (as in skipping along happily)in your writing. Prayers for you and your family to know God's will for your lives.

What neato stuff you guys do.

At 10:14 PM, Blogger Dy said...

How Delightful! Now I'm back "in the know" - which helps me know what to pray for. :-) I hope these new horizons and plots bring you all the blessings that following God's plan can bring!



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