Sunday, April 09, 2006

Humble Pie

Scenario: Alex:"May I have another piece of fruit?"
Mother:"Don't you think you might get fat if you keep eating so much?(Thinks of all the food he's eaten since lunch). You might get a big belly."
Alex"(cheerfully) Yeah! I want a big belly like you,Mom!"
Mother feels anxious and deflated.Did she really deserve this comment? She then muses on how humble children make parents sometimes.It's a great design by a wise Creator God! (Mother does think after thinking on it that she did not deserve the comment.)
Well,it was a full day of cleaning and tidying and cooking in the afternoon.Lee came home with a jeep stuffed to the gills with young people who scattered to their various activities on the place.One was a special guest of our family so we invited her to dinner and another showed up to visit at the supper hour so we set an extra plate for dessert. I really,really like to feed people! I made a tomatoey Greek dish with eggplant,reheated brown rice,garlicky oven potato fries,yogurt from our milk plant,and a salad tossed with my own homemade dressing and my own mock apple streusel(it's really papaya dressed up with brown sugar,cinnamon,butter and lime juice and cooked to a sauce) served with farm-produced pumpkin pie ice cream and chocolate covered macadamia nut ice cream. Superb. Must now check out internet connection problem. Marcella


At 8:51 PM, Blogger Lynette said...

It's nigh unto midnight, I am stuffed from a dinner of breakfast--ham, eggs, biscuits and wholewheat pancakes with rasberry jam, but that blog made me want to raid the fridge. I'm pretty sure none of what you mentioned is in there, but maybe I could raid yours! I'll clean up after myself! You must be a superb cook.

At 10:11 PM, Blogger Dy said...

Oh, isn't it wonderful to feed people? We love it. Almost to the point of lunacy, I'm sure. That was one thing we enjoyed so much while Zorak was in college: feeding all the college orphans. The boys thought we ran a boarding house! :-)



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