Monday, April 17, 2006

Laundry and reading breaks

Well,I did a laundry marathon today.I'm going to keep some clothes at my mom's place so I won't have to drag laundry back and forth between houses on weekends when we come back to the farm.Luckily my sisters can wash the clothes when I leave! Now isn't that something! The weather at our new home is much chillier so I have shopping to do.Not to mention I let the boys run around in pretty beat up clothes at home because of all the mud puddle jumping,grass chopping,cement floor playing that went on.We shall have to become more civilized once again.
I took some little reading breaks in between the grind of laundry cleaning and sorting.I'm doing Kafka's Metamorphosis and Jess is into Lewis and Clark.
Lee got his buisness cards today-great! And I'm up cleaning out my e-mail boxes and making various arrangements when I should really be in bed,revving up for a new day. I must move! Buenas noches! Marcella


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