Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Upside and the downside

The upside to this move: We'll be in a much more comfortable home.
It will be a much more comfortable climate.
We'll be closer to homeschooling resources
like libraries etc.
Close to markets to sell our products.
The downside:
We're moving two hours from family and
congregation that has a lot of needs.
Our last move was about 6 months ago,this gets
The children will have to resort to parks again
for outdoor time. Snort.
I'll miss my mom! Sob.
I'll worry about my mom.Sigh.
I've lived in town here in Costa Rica but never
in the big city.Pure city,(the rent's good).
I don't have a clue how this will be.
Well,I've thought of a one or two more upsides and I didn't list all the downsides I guess. But close enough.You get the picture. We shall see and "for everything there is a season".
The water was off since early morning yesterday.These days it is very warm with humidity. Water is imperative. No drinking water,no bathing water,no dishwashing water,no pet water,no laundry water etc.And the town gave no notice.Piles of homes without water.Well, I guess it willbe the town's fault if the urgent laundry just mildews up. And I was planning to finish the packing and be ready for the final trip up to the new house(Lee has been taking everything up in jeeploads as he had to be back and forth anyway. We'll probably have to take one truckload.) But how can I proceed if I was going to do final laundry today.Wanted a sense of closure,I did!
Well, I imagine this will be my final post until we're set up in the new house.Then I plan to post some pictures of our new surroundings and tell of our newest adventures! Hasta Luego! Marcella


At 10:26 PM, Blogger Dy said...

Ooooh, boy. No water? Not good. I hope it came back on shortly and before the wash mildewed. Perhaps storing a bit somewhere in the new abode might come in handy?

Pros and Cons - we can drive ourselves nuts with those, can't we? I trust and pray that this move is exactly what God has planned for you. :-)


At 8:32 PM, Blogger Lynette said...

Do I detect a Yoda sound alike? "Wanted a sense of closure, I did!"

Pray for you all, I will! Happy moving.


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