Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bilingual Boy!

Jess has tackled Spanish with a vengeance after months of dragging his feet and is now spouting lots of Spanish! Way to go,Jess! I am thrilled! My biggest fear is that he{ll soon surpass me! The librarians are thrilled as well. I am struggling to keep the children from being overly spoiled lest it go to their heads but they are such alien, little creatures to the faculty that they attract a lot of attention.Add that they are raised quite differently and have been exposed to so much literature and it makes them truly different from the average little patron. And it was amusing to watch Jess wrinkling his brow as he tried to remember how to tell the guard the Spanish version of his name the other day. He gets an A for trying anyway.
We took Jess out on buisness errands today including getting him his first authentic cappuccino. It was quite an interesting little field trip. We examined all kinds of commercial cooking equipment in many different stores.Well,he saw lots of convection ovens anyway!
And yes,we finally have a lovely seeming little cafe that is ours for the using,er,at least we are planning to turn it into a cafe! Must roll,much to do! Marcella


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