Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Jumbled Notes

Well,here we are,Lee and I in an internet cafe late in the evening each doing our thing. Almost didn{t come out but Lee tempted me with a stop at Fresas so I yielded. Well,their chocolate torte is nothing special.Neither is their cappuccino.Lee and I are going around sampling fancy coffees since we did a course on espresso making and all the fancy coffees made from the espresso base. So far we haven{t found any that measure up. Am experimenting with chili soup etc for the cafe. Made baked empanadas to use up old jams today.
Such a round of outings we{ve had! I{m trying to shut myself away from distractions this week.I did take the boys out to the free craft session at the library today.Alas! The teacher spoke to the boys in beautiful English.So much for immersion in the Spanish language. I keep trying. I am quite pleased that I was easily able to take the coffee course in Spanish and listen to fast sermons in Spanish now and understand most of it.Now I want to learn to write fluently in Spanish. It is sooooo nice to be comfortable in another culture,country,language.
A homeschooling aquaintance is moving back to the States so we inherited plenty of books,videos etc. Found a purple furlined cape and a jester{s hat for the costume box.Also an artist{s smock.I imagine that will go well with the black beret we have in there.So that{s what the boys are into right now.Plus Jess found the garbage bag of pretty cloth remnants and felt I have and has determined to learn to sew.Looks like I need a basket for the scraps now.Am hoping the rest of my furniture arrives this week.
The ol{ jeep gave out. We{re trying to decide what to get now. Maybe one to grow into......
Well,I should check my e'mails now.Excuse the strange punctuation.Spanish computers are funny..... Marcella


At 11:26 PM, Blogger Dy said...

What a delightful week! I'm so impressed with your assimilation of Spanish - that's wonderful. The children will get there, too. It's probably nice to hear English once in a while. ;-)



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