Saturday, June 10, 2006

Power of Reading

I have contemplated writing about the menu drafts piled on my desk,the sign designing,the layout planning,the back to the drawing board sessions,the kitchen construction,the photo shoots for the menus,the decor puzzles,the myriad,myriad,myriad things that must be researched,fiddled with ,learned by trial and error sometimes until we finally get it right for the cafe..But is that really interesting,I ask. The details often exhaust even me. So,today I bring some thoughts on the power of reading.
My mother has informally adopted another child,if I have not mentioned it before.She was around 16 or 17 when she came. She has been with us over a year now. Knowing that she came from a very poor home it is amazing how far she has come.Sometimes ,though I take for granted the fact that we have very different backgrounds.Afterall,she has learned to speak English quite well.She has figured out how to read our recipe books and cook an amazing array of things. She dresses neatly and modestly. But... she often has very little reading material around because it is so much harder to come by a quantity of books in Spanish. So she has read a number of religious storybooks and the Bible. Other than that not too much exposure.
Lastweek I shut my eyes to the price tag and bought her The Diary of Anne Frank in Spanish. I have opened a whole new world to her. She has beenhelping me with the house and children while we get the cafe off the ground. Only the last few days she has turned into an absolute bookworm and I really wonder how late she was up last night! I compensate her for her work and try to help her keep a decent schedule but these days I remember the late night reading fests I did as a teen or the lazy summer afternoons reading in the hammock and realize she has missed out on years of that. So I permit her some leisure.Yesterday,when I was explaining the word bookworm to her she sheepishly told me that she now knows how to write a letter. Before she said it was very hard for her but now she can write and write! I was awestruck,realizing how much I have learned from books and a quality education and how much I take for granted. Oh,the teaching power of reading!
Updates on the children go like this- Alex is turning into an incredible artist and is starting to write his letters on his own.An incredible eye for detail,that boy has.But what makes me happiest is seeing his wonderfully generous heart.
Jess has become the happy owner of a box of doggie bones and we are learning about canine dental health together. His artwork is also progressing well. He often leads pretend church services and he does experiments in quiet hour.
Chelsea is really growing up and I am starting to really take to being the mommy of a little girl.I just really recognized this recently,that I have overcome my fear of being mom to a girl and being role model number one.
And Lee, my wonderful husband! He keeps this whole thing together and focused. He leads us spiritually. He supports our homeschooling journey. He encourages a healthy lifestyle. My partner,my friend.
Well,my next task is researching a cookie recipe so with a wave of my hand I am off.Wishing you all a lovely weekend! Marcella


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