Friday, June 16, 2006

Cheaper By The Dozen

Well,I certainly wish Daddy from the book Cheaper By The Dozen would be here teaching me speed typing! I wouldn´t mind having that beautiful white typewriter either. But seriously I think I could really try out some of the teaching techniques on my own children. We have found the English language library here in Costa Rica and we can actually check books out! Fabulous. And while we were out exploring unfamiliar territory I discovered a natural sciences museum that will hopefully pan out as a good resource.
The new cafe is actually painted! It is a most interesting pattern which I hope to post a photo of as soon as I am able. It was a real challenge to put it mildly but I´m hoping it will set the right tone.
Well,I need to keep moving along.Still need to make egg salad to take to the homeschool moms quilting bee tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend. Marcella


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