Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Glass half full or vice versa

Well, I could sit here and moan that I had a headache and cold all day yesterday,Lee was rear ended in his rental car and lost his deposit,the stove quit working and so on. But the glass is half full,ok! And besides our God is good! Lee was unhurt even though the dumptruck shoved him repeatedly and that is what counts. The stove was repaired amazingly fast and I feel better this morning and besides we have been blessed recently with many gifts of love from family and friends. Spiritual fervor is alive in our home.I wake to the sound of hymns as Lee starts his day. We worship and pray together. We have so many blessings! Yes,the glass is half full!
Yesterday,in the line of learning we made rafts with colored popsicle sticks courtesy of our new Maryland neighbors,pulled together a loincloth so the boys could play Indian,Indian as in the story as they put it, and they peeled hardboiled eggs and chopped them up for salad. Of course the inherited badminton set or rather,part of it was heavily in use as were colored feathers,colored straws and transparent coloring pages,books etc. Another day in the life!
A good week to all! Marcella


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