Saturday, June 17, 2006

Octupus Legs!! Entire Squid!

Blue crabs are not uncommon.Entire fish are normal. But octupus legs and squid! At least it certainly looked like it to me. The local farmers market is huge and these are only a few of the offerings you can find. Plantain,bananas,pineapples,oranges,water apples,star apples,Costa Rican,apples, plums,tiny peaches,strawberries,blackberries,papayas dazzle the eye. Lemons,cas,jocote,pejibaye,yuca,mosote and tomatoes vie for attention. Lettuces,Costa Rican spinach,broccoli,lovely potatoes and baby vegetables such as pattypan squash and tiny ears of corn beg to be brought home. I have trouble controlling myself at times! The fresh herbs,fresh and potted tickle my nose and the bright colors of the cut flower stands tease.Of course if one wishes he can throw a fresh cheese in his bag or a fish, or homemade candy and perhaps towel or a clock . Yeah! This is overstimulating alright. Should post some pictures one day.


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