Sunday, June 25, 2006

Barney and the Disappearing toothpaste

No,I don´t like Barney.That´s an understatement. But Barney has helped me out in a big way recently. I guess I could have the grace to at least say thanks. My boys now brush their teeth zealously morning and night and inbetween times.¨Barney said so!¨ No,they weren´t watching TV. It was a Barney book I assure you.

Shel Silverstein´s rhymning A Giraffe and a Half is getting great reviews around here. Now Alex is wishing he could have a pet giraffe.And a pet kitten. But not a dog he says. I thought surely he would want one as much as he likes Eric Hill´s Spot character but no. No dog.

A lovely gift arrived from a friend way far away. Teach Your Child to Read in One Hundred Easy Lessons is the tome which has been wished for in this house with a certain boy begging to be taught to read. All my homeschooling pals say this book is great. Well,he asked for this! Not me. But if this is what it takes,I´ll tackle it. Updates forthcoming.

The cafe is coming right along.I painted the bookshelf the other day. Now I need to start filling it. I´m trying to decide on the ratio of English and Spanish books.Hmmmnnnn......
Well,adios! Need to run along. Marcella


At 10:56 AM, Blogger mo said...

We have been using that book and have had good results with it. There is something so magical about that whole world of reading opening up in a child. It also makes you realize what a weird nonsensical bunch of rules we have to adhere to with english!


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