Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Book Fair!

Wow! A book fair in Costa Rica! I am so impressed! For fellow expatriates who might immediately ask where, it is in San Antonio de Belen at the Pedregal.They charge a five hundred colon entrance fee but I would say it is worth it. All kinds of book sellers are there and they also are doing various activities throughout the day.I came away with a nice stack of books for under 5000 colones.Of course I did some searching to get those deals! I am positively drooling over the chance to buy Uncle Toms Cabin in Spanish for the cafe. What I am shooting for is great books to introduce to this non reading culture we live in.And for the English bookworms out there,I do plan to stock English books also! Yesterday,we had friends and their visitors from the States come in for a little preopening ice cream fiesta and they offered to bring their unneeded books.Yay! A library is being built. Speaking of libraries,I need to go get ready for our second excursion to the English language lending library,and then on to menu construction.See you all later! Marcella


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