Friday, June 30, 2006

Soft Wax Crayons!

Why have I never been given the chance to play with soft wax crayons until I´m in my twenties, I would like to know! They are great! The softness of the wax between your fingers,the rich color and the ease of mixing colors. I found these at an art shop near an internet cafe I frequent and was attracted by the unusual box. I think they are made in Spain and the crayons are as wonderful as the box(yeah,I said that already) so next time you see some Milan crayons think about picking some up. If they are this great I am having second thoughts about the absence of quality colored pencils in our home. Probably should start saving for some.....
News around here is that we stayed up almost all night the other night and finished the basic menu draft,I am getting the crown done on my tooth and new Birkenstocks courtesy of a wonderful hubby and we are one step closer in the paperwork to getting the go'ahead by Government to open the cafe.Of course there is more news but this is all for the moment.


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