Monday, July 24, 2006

Root Canals

Well,yeah,That is boring I´ll grant you. Well,we are keeping busy and a root canal happens to be one of the things going on. We´re really looking at a cute little two story apartment with a walled in backyard and a TELEPHONE! And it´s near English speaking neighbors! My heart really says grab it. I´m trying to think logically right now!

We lunched with some dear friends yesterday and had a wonderful, leisurely Sunday afternoon. Lasagna,applesauce,sweet tea,veggies and topped off with chocolate chip cookies,jello salad and whipped topping. Hmmnnn,it has been a really,really long time since we´ve had such an uplifting,relaxing afternoom! Lovely! Lee and I are trying to plan our Sundays to have time to relax and have people over or go visiting.It is so lovely to have him relaxing and seeing the wonder of having time to reach out and touch other lives!
A mighty strange tummy virus seems to have attacked the boys,coming and going very quickly but bringing violent vomiting. So I feel sleepy now afterv a disturbed night and think I will sign off! Marcella

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another sandwich

Yes,my life is soooo uninteresting when I am just a busy cafe running mama that I have resorted to writing about sandwiches. Not to worry,I forsee a return to the wonderful world of stay'at'home mommydom before long. Yes,I enjoy serving people and making good food.But I enjoy being an old fashioned keeper at home much,much,much more!
So back to that sandwich..... hmmmnnn,how do I explain it.....ok,make a ham and cheese sandwich or a cheese and hamburger sandwich,fire up your waffle iron and stick the sandwich in. As soon as it is waffled,which would mean marked and the cheese melted and the butter seeping it is a waffle sandwich! I think you could add and subtract a number of ingredients and it would still come out scrumptious but personally I would not subtract the cheese........!
Well,I can not think of more tantalizing things to tell you at the moment and anyway this is mostly an eclectic homeschooling blog so I am not sure what sandwiches have to do with this.I am off to enjoy a day of vacation! Marcella

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Real Good Sandwich

I have now decided on a favorite sandwich-Gouda cheese,lettuce,onions,ham,tomatoes and mayo on fresh homemade bread. I am in the process of thinking up a name for this sandwich so I can sell it at the cafe.Any thoughts?
Our display case boasts brownies,cinnamon rolls,large and miniature loaves of bread,frosted cutout cookies,carrot cake with cream cheese frosting,lightly frosted white cake and "ayote"macadamia bread.I know this doesn´t sound like a big selection but believe me it took all I had to make and store all this stuff! Whew!
The small fry-all three of them- have gone on a wee vacation at Grandma´s. I don´t feel quite whole. I suppose that´s normal. I love them so much and I´m always learning more about them,especially Jess who always tries new,more mature things first. Guess what he asked for when we went shopping the other day? A feather duster! Let´s hope he puts it to use!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

For he that will love life

Recently,the Bible verse that says "he that will love life and see good days,let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips that they speak no guile" or something of that order has been running through my mind. This is true,trueness isn't it?
The cafe is looking great and we plan to open Monday.The last little details to be solved between now and Monday can seem a bit overwhelming though! But we are cranking out waffles,cinnamon rolls,granola, sandwiches, soup(ok,I botched the first batch) ice cream cones, cappuccinos,lattes etc.etc. I am now supposed to be tracking down the Italian sausage lady but as you can see I am writing this post instead.
I have been busy working on stocking the bookshelf with quality Spanish and English books which is quite a job. Our Alabama friends that are staying in Costa Rica came over last night and donated a stack of books which will surely help fill the shelves!
Well,I suppose I should get rolling. Adios! Marcella

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bedtime for Frances...Yes!!!

The Boys and I have discovered the book Bedtime For Frances. I am sorry we have not read it together before. It is perfect! But that part when Frances goes to tell her father about the moving curtains makes me wonder how accepted this book is for the general public nowadays...... You know where after all his patient encouragement he says he will give her a spanking if she doesn't stop coming to tell him the newest thing that has scared her. I think the Boys are really intrigued by that part and also appreciating that I always welcome them into my bed when they are plagued by fears.
Cowboys!! My boys are really getting into them these days. Next post I will try to bring the title of the newest cowboy story we are enjoying.Afterall what little boy wouldn´t like a tale where the cowboy ties his hat to his hiney and wears all his clothes to bed?
My posts are awful these days...writing in an internet cafe is tough. I still hold out Esperanza that we will get a phone one of these days! Marcella