Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another sandwich

Yes,my life is soooo uninteresting when I am just a busy cafe running mama that I have resorted to writing about sandwiches. Not to worry,I forsee a return to the wonderful world of stay'at'home mommydom before long. Yes,I enjoy serving people and making good food.But I enjoy being an old fashioned keeper at home much,much,much more!
So back to that sandwich..... hmmmnnn,how do I explain it.....ok,make a ham and cheese sandwich or a cheese and hamburger sandwich,fire up your waffle iron and stick the sandwich in. As soon as it is waffled,which would mean marked and the cheese melted and the butter seeping it is a waffle sandwich! I think you could add and subtract a number of ingredients and it would still come out scrumptious but personally I would not subtract the cheese........!
Well,I can not think of more tantalizing things to tell you at the moment and anyway this is mostly an eclectic homeschooling blog so I am not sure what sandwiches have to do with this.I am off to enjoy a day of vacation! Marcella


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