Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bedtime for Frances...Yes!!!

The Boys and I have discovered the book Bedtime For Frances. I am sorry we have not read it together before. It is perfect! But that part when Frances goes to tell her father about the moving curtains makes me wonder how accepted this book is for the general public nowadays...... You know where after all his patient encouragement he says he will give her a spanking if she doesn't stop coming to tell him the newest thing that has scared her. I think the Boys are really intrigued by that part and also appreciating that I always welcome them into my bed when they are plagued by fears.
Cowboys!! My boys are really getting into them these days. Next post I will try to bring the title of the newest cowboy story we are enjoying.Afterall what little boy wouldn´t like a tale where the cowboy ties his hat to his hiney and wears all his clothes to bed?
My posts are awful these days...writing in an internet cafe is tough. I still hold out Esperanza that we will get a phone one of these days! Marcella


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