Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Real Good Sandwich

I have now decided on a favorite sandwich-Gouda cheese,lettuce,onions,ham,tomatoes and mayo on fresh homemade bread. I am in the process of thinking up a name for this sandwich so I can sell it at the cafe.Any thoughts?
Our display case boasts brownies,cinnamon rolls,large and miniature loaves of bread,frosted cutout cookies,carrot cake with cream cheese frosting,lightly frosted white cake and "ayote"macadamia bread.I know this doesn´t sound like a big selection but believe me it took all I had to make and store all this stuff! Whew!
The small fry-all three of them- have gone on a wee vacation at Grandma´s. I don´t feel quite whole. I suppose that´s normal. I love them so much and I´m always learning more about them,especially Jess who always tries new,more mature things first. Guess what he asked for when we went shopping the other day? A feather duster! Let´s hope he puts it to use!


At 12:50 PM, Blogger Lynette said...

A cafe?!? I've been away too long. The last I heard you were moving to a new city and house. Now you're opening a cafe? You are wearing me out. I've been baking (summer) squash bread for the past couple days and can't imagine baking all the time. AND, I couldn't make all that cool stuff you mentioned. Hope you're all settled in. Best of luck with the cafe.


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