Monday, July 24, 2006

Root Canals

Well,yeah,That is boring I´ll grant you. Well,we are keeping busy and a root canal happens to be one of the things going on. We´re really looking at a cute little two story apartment with a walled in backyard and a TELEPHONE! And it´s near English speaking neighbors! My heart really says grab it. I´m trying to think logically right now!

We lunched with some dear friends yesterday and had a wonderful, leisurely Sunday afternoon. Lasagna,applesauce,sweet tea,veggies and topped off with chocolate chip cookies,jello salad and whipped topping. Hmmnnn,it has been a really,really long time since we´ve had such an uplifting,relaxing afternoom! Lovely! Lee and I are trying to plan our Sundays to have time to relax and have people over or go visiting.It is so lovely to have him relaxing and seeing the wonder of having time to reach out and touch other lives!
A mighty strange tummy virus seems to have attacked the boys,coming and going very quickly but bringing violent vomiting. So I feel sleepy now afterv a disturbed night and think I will sign off! Marcella


At 7:32 PM, Blogger Lynette said...

So sorry for the root canals and toilet hugging going on at your place. Here's to a complete recooperation for all!

At 6:43 AM, Blogger Lynette said...

Hope you're all doing well. Long time, no post. Hope this means you're baking breads and making sandwiches "to beat 60."


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