Friday, August 25, 2006

Process versus Outcome

Here is a new thought I have been trying to assimilate recently- my children enjoy doing things like painting more for the joy in the process rather than looking at it from the standpoint of where is the outcome, the finished product in this. At least at this stage of the growing up process.Jess is moving rapidly into the Outcome stage now as he is bound and determined to teach himself to not only write but write in a coherent fashion with real words. He seems to be slowly and surely achieving his goal. But the other two are so into the Process right now and really is not that really the essence of childhood-the process of growing up,becoming a person... Cant find the punctuation marks on this internet cafe computer!!!!!
On a really happy note,with the generous help of friends we are now moved into our beautiful new home with wonderful neighbors! And it should be a matter of days until we have high speed internet In The House! I am stunned.And we have a telephone,Real and Functioning in the house also! Very Good! Yes,I am abusing the Caps today. My sister arrived back in town after a few months long trip and came to help me out for a few days. So I am taking the chance to help Lee out at the cafe,which means going to work very early. I imagine I will get through my day with sheer force of will. Hasta Luego! Marcella


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