Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Six Years!

This past Sunday Lee and I marked our six year wedding anniversary.I was telling a friend that it seems we have been married so long and yet our children have grown so fast.This fall marks another round of birthdays for our young ones,as we,gasp! leave toddlerhood formally with our oldest. Each stage is good. This will be a good season too.
Jess is busy going with me to the cafe for half days every other day which involves two busses and a bit of walking,therefore giving lots of Spanish immersion.He helps us with little things at the cafe and accompanies Lee on errands besides doing lots of painting with watercolors and drawing. He writes pretend music,gets me to let him cook whenever possible(I need to post the cookbook we really like) and is very interested in learning about anatomy. We were fortunate to be given the wonderful book,Blood and Guts soon after he announced he wants to learn more anatomy so we will enjoy that.We also were given the book Drawing with Children by Mona Brooks which promises to be interesting for me as well as the children.I have shelved it until funds become available for the necessary materials but thankfully the resource is there!
Another lovely curriculum piece given to us was Five in A Row,Volume One which should be wonderful for giving a guide to good rabbit trails we can go down. I just recently saw some of the books that go with it in a new,used bookstore I visited near the cafe so I hope to pick some up soon.
I am reading a book on why root canals can be harmful and simultaneously one on the research of dentist Weston Price. Iwas given a couple others on Russian history(Rasputin fascinates me) and Mother Jones which sit on the shelf.The Bible and a few magazines and newspaper articles round out my reading time which is not too much. If I am not too sleepy I can read a bit on the bus.
We got our alarm system installed and are working on getting some nice curtains up and functioning. It sure does help to have your missionary neighbors move back to the States and let you buy up their used stuff! We will look at the curtains and remember them as welll as the pillows,the diaper pail,the rugs etc. etc!! We will also remember their kindness in coming over when we moved in and shortening the bookshelf legs,changing the fridge door around and folding heaps of laundry. When we look at the repaired dresser and the shortened legs on our bar stools we will remember a certain young man fondly and warmly think of the only payment he accepted.....brownies.Goodbye friends!We will miss you greatly!
Alex is also growing up and accompanies me to the cafe as well. We make lots of trips up to the bathroom when boredom hits it seems but all the same we enjoy his company.His imagination is huge and he is a one and only. He is assimilating Bible lessons into daily life as evidenced the other day when he asked me in the morning whether he should turn the lamp off. After he was done asked if he was my special helper in light turning off and when recieving an answer in the affirmative said that he would be like Eve,who was AdamĀ“s special helper.Glad to see him memorizing Bible stories.
Chelsea is our cuddly girl,with mounds of stuffed animal babies as she says scattered in her wake.She sings and speaks more and more as she rapidly approaches her second birthday.We love her so much!
Well,I keep butchering up my words so I think it is time to turn in.We are at the farm in the country along with a houseful of company from the States and it looks to be a busy day tomorrow,Lord willing.